The Science Behind ‘BulletProof’ Coffee

There has recently been a lot of press for ‘BulletProof’ coffee, which is just branding for a traditional kind of coffee used for centuries. Here is a link to the company selling their BulletProof mix. It is actually very easy to make yourself.

All hype aside, does it help you? Does it have any health benefits, does it actually increase your mental sharpness, or is it just another fad?

I came across this Guardian article yesterday, which I found wildly inaccurate and terribly uninformative. So here is my attempt at giving you all some information about this wonderdrink.

What is it made of?
It is made by blending your favourite cup of black coffee, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, resulting in a latte-like, foamy, oily mixture. Standard measurements are 1 cup coffee, 1tbsp MCT oil, 1tbsp butter, blended at high speed for 20 seconds, and enjoyed immediately.
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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Why Rice Cakes Are Evil

Whether you are pre-diabetic, or are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, it is possible to reverse the symptoms and heal your body through food.. Because food is what got you there in the first place. I am hoping through this article to add to Mark’s Daily apple summary (see the first link below). So print out all this, and as Mark says, give it to your aunt! It is a comprehensive actionable summary, that anyone can start right now to stop or prevent ever becoming insulin-dependent (by the way, you will also loose weight).

Here we go. This is one of my favourite articles by one of my favourite bloggers, Mark Sisson, which sums up the Type II Diabetes issue quite well – read it before continuing, it explains the biochemical mechanisms behind this all: Mark’s Daily Apple

So, what to do in order to reverse the dangerous path towards T2D?

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What to Eat

It isn’t easy to know what the best decision is when you are about to put food into your cart at the supermarket. Farmed organic or wild caught fish? Soy milk or whole milk? Local and conventional or organic from Chile? Whole wheat or extra-fiber flax bread? Fortified cereal with 100% of your vitaminD requirements or gluten free oats? ‘Organic’, ‘natural’, or ‘farm fresh’? Bottled water or tap water?

Don’t worry, Marion Nestle is here to help.
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Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

Food Rules

Michael Pollan is the writer who brought us the answer to nutrition, the universe, and everything:

“Nutrition Science, which after all only got started less than two hundred years ago, is today approximately where surgery was in the year 1650 – very promising, and very interesting to watch, but are you ready to let them operate on you?”

The following are the two facts that Pollan makes out to be undeniable, undisputable rules.

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pH: Why Cow’s Milk Is Bad For Your Bones

Did you know your body has a pH? And yes, like in your high school chemistry class, it’s possible to test it. It is an extremely crucial factor of a healthy body, and a lot will be sacrificed for it. The ideal pH for our blood and tissues is slightly alkaline – 7.30 to 7.45 (most people are actually too acidic).

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